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Lâm Đồng offers a golden apportunity to investment projects

Lam Dong is located in the Southern Key Economic Zone, one of the regions with dynamic economic growth, and at the same time a great potential market for investment, especially tourism potential, minerals, industrial crops, forests ..., and an economic, cultural and social dialectical relationship with other provinces in the country.

Lam Dong has two cities and 10 districts. Da Lat is the administrative, economic, cultural and social center of the province, with national roads 20, 27, 28 and 723 connecting Lam Dong and Dak Lak province, Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Nha Trang, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and the central and southern seaports, thus making Lam Dong an extremely advantageous place for exchanges with other domestic provinces and international countries.

In the future, when the expressway Dau Day - Lien Khuong - Da Lat is completed, it will reduce traveling time from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat (300 km) to about 3-4 hours. Lien Khuong Airport is operating domestic and international flights (currently China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, Singapore soon...), creating a great opportunity for exchanges between Lam Dong and domestic and international cities.

In terms of Climate, Lam Dong is considered a rare land of the Southeast Asia, with cool, moderate weather year-round (average 18-20 degrees Celsius). With the advantages of landscape, climate and cultural resources, tourism has long been a strength of Da Lat-Lam Dong in economic development, with many types of tourism such as sightseeing, rest&recreation, MICE, cultural tourism, sports tourism, and recently the model of agricultural tourism…The climate here is very favorable for rearing silkworms all the year round, mulberry area is about 5,000 ha; Cashew trees occupy more than 9,000 ha, and are under replacement, breeding improvement, distributed in the southern districts. Besides, the strengths in local agricultural production are vegetables, flowers. Lam Dong currently has about 50,000 ha of high-tech agricultural production, in which Da Lat particularly has nearly 5,000 ha of vegetables, flowers and greenhouse areas of over 1,500ha.
Vegetables and flowers in Lam Dong have many varieties, including many types of high value, meeting the requirements of hygiene, safety and quality. Fruit trees are also diverse with avocado, persimmon, strawberry,Cazen pineapple ... being favorable conditions to build storage and post-harvest processing plants. Lam Dong has the potential of raising dairy cows. Currently, total dairy cows are nearly 20,000 heads (November 2017) and can be developed up to 30,000 heads with milk output of over 45,000 tons.

As for soil, Lam Dong is suitable for agricultural production, development of seedlings of temperate and sub-tropical origin, diverse crops, resulting in high productivity. Agricultural products are the basis for the development of processing industry and service activities. There are 8 groups of soil in Lam Dong, of which is 200,000 ha of Bazaltic soil, mainly in Bao Loc and Di Linh, very suitable for perennial industrial crops such as coffee (over 160,000 ha), Lam Dong is the only region in the southern provinces which is quite suitable for tea trees (over 20,000 hectares). There is a large demand for capital to invest in the conversion of tea varieties into high yielding and high quality varieties.

Lam Dong has 676,236 hectares of forest land, of which 617,000 hectares are forests, with reserves of about 50 million m3, biodiverse forests, with over 400 species of wood producing trees, including many rare forest products, with annual exploitation of 20,000 to 30,000 m3, and with great potential in the wood processing industry for export, the abundant bamboo resources, the bare land area capable of planting material forests of about 50,000-70,000 ha, favorable for the development of paper and paper pulp processing industry.

Water resources in Lam Dong are plentiful, with large rivers and streams, which are major conditions for hydropower development. Besides Da Nhim, Suoi Thong, Ham Thuan-Da Mi hydropower plants, Lam Dong has built Dai Ninh hydropower plant. In addition, the Dong Nai River with huge hydropower potential needs to be surveyed for large-scale hydropower projects.

In terms of mineral resources, Lam Dong has a wide range of products such as Bauxite, Bentonite, Precious Stones, Caolin, Brown Coal, Diatomite, Clay Brick, Tin, Tile ..., especially Bauxite (about 1,234 million tons), allocated in Bao Loc, Bao Lam, Di Linh; Caolin about 520 million tons; Bentonite is about 4 million tons ... Besides, Lam Dong has conducted the planning of some industrial clusters, creating advantages and incentives for investors, such as Phu Hoi industrial cluster, Loc Son...

Lam Dong has a relatively stable power source, with power lines drawn to all areas, including Da Nhim Hydropower Plant (160 MW), Suoi Vang Hydropower plant (3,500 KW), and Bao Loc, Di Linh, Can Rang Diesel plants with total capacity of over 4,000 KW support system when necessary.
Water system is being upgraded and under the completion process, Suoi Vang water plant with modern technology (30,000 m3 / day and night) ensures to provide water for industrial and living consumption. Irrigation works have been built extensively. There are over 180 large- and small-scale irrigation works with the capacity of more than 12,000 ha, including large ones such as Da Teh, Da Don and Quang Hiep…

Lam Dong is a land of rich cultural traditions, united with the special cultural features of the Ma, Ko Ho, Chu Ru, Thai, Tay ... plus the combination of cultural characteristics of many residents from all over the country living here, making the Lam Dong residents easy to adapt, integratewith all external conditions. Lam Dong has abundant, dynamic, industrious labor force, experienced in production and business, with quick access to the scientific and technological fields...

Besides, Lam Dong has many local and central research institutes such as Tay Nguyen Institute of Biology, Nuclear Research Institute, Pasteur Institute, 3 universities, 5 colleges and some middle schools with various major trainings. In the coming time, the Da Lat International University Township will be completed and will train management and technical staff, aiming at meeting all integration purposes of the province.

Along with these advantages, it is a preferential policy, friendly for investors, with the open, improved mechanism, that makes Lam Dong a favorable environment, an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

(By Khắc Phượng )
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