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Phi Anh Villa Unique architec Ture in tha hearth of Dalat

In the middle of the flower-filled space of the mountain city, the architectures have never been less hot by their inherent beauty. Although it has been degraded by time, Phi Anh Villa (No. 1 Quang Trung, Ward 9, Dalat) is still a unique highlight in the city of thousands of flowers. Be persuaded that when you came here once, these architectures will be the unforgettable memories for tourists.

The last days of the year, when people are busy with work, there are still many tourists coming to Da Lat, to find the space of memories away from home. One of many ancient architecture features of France, Phi Anh villa attracts visitors with the beauty coming from gorgeous Spain. This villa was built by a French official in 1928, the building consists of a two-storey block of houses and a basement built of split stone (called stone villa). In 1940, King Bao Dai bought the villa to give it to imperial concubine Phi Anh. Since then, the stone villa is attached to the name of the former Emperor Bao Dai: "Phi Anh Villa". When visiting this place, visitors will feel comfortable with a spacious walkway, connecting the house from side to side is a semicircular corridor, with large doorways designed into high ventilative arches. Looking from the outside, the highlight of the main house is the presence of dozens of double-glazed windows designed in different shapes.

Over time, with many functions, now, Phi Anh villa is a restaurant with the name Fortune restaurant. The villa shows sophistication of harmonious spaces, vignettes and structures. “In addition to the modified details to suit Da Lat’s terrain and climate, the unique Phi Anh villa with two duplex houses is connected by a clear corridor. The roof type of the villa has a low slope that is different from other villas”. Architect Tran Cong Hoan - Lecturer of Architecture Department, Yersin University of Da Lat emphasized.

The interesting thing to attract the tourists is the sculpture near the main door of the villa with the carefully and skillful design. The sculpture is carved follow the figure of the Cham girls wearing a yellow hat with the shape of three Cham towers and her legs wrapped anklet. This has reminded the visitors’ curiousness and sob. "When finding out the mass media, Phi Anh villa is known as an architectural work from Spain. But when visiting, the details of villa’s architecture is very familiar with Asian people. The harmony between these two architectural styles makes the villa more beautiful and more ancient.” Ms. Nguyen Phuong Tam - a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city shared.

There are many and many reasons for you to come to Dalat at the end of the year. Albeilt it is intentional or unintentional, the mountain town still gives visitors an emotional feeling when they come to this country. In addition to the poetic natural landscape, multi-dimensional culture with many identities, Phi Anh villa will help you have memorable memories. Next to the famous buildings such as Da Lat station, Dalat Education College, Phi Anh villa has contributed to creating an architectural complex, not to be missed for domestic and foreign tourists when visiting the flowers city.

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