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Attached to the flower valley

 In the South Central Highlands, during March and spring days, when spring has died, and summer is about to come. Leaving the city of Dalat flower, we came to Duc Trong district when the fragrance of coffee flowers was still passionate. This land, apart from famous places like Pongour waterfall, Duc Trong Chicken Village, Flower Valley tourist attraction located in Phu An village, Phu Hoi commune is a poetical destination that anyone would not want to ignore.

About 45km from Dalat city, along Highway 20, to Dai Ninh Bridge, tourists will see the Flower Valley Tourist Attraction in its impressive colors and tones. Although it is not considered a "flower museum" like the mountain town of Da Lat, this destination will "captivate" tourists by the charming landscape, the scenery blends with the clouds, heaven, river, water and flower fragrances and the faint aroma of coffee making anyone’s heart sob when they arrive.

Invested and put into operation at the end of 2018, with a fare of VND 30,000 / person, the Flower Valley has somewhat caused curiosity, paying attention to visitors because this place is a harmonious combination of typical spaces.

With a total area of ​​15,000sqm, the owner of this destination - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Du has made tourists feel comfortable while visiting and sightseeing at the same time, enjoying coffee and taking pictures with typical style of the regions. Being a real estate agent, but with passion and enthusiasm, the owner of the Flower Valley has "encroached" on the tourism sector with the investment capital of nearly 5 billion VND for this destination.

“I choose this area to deploy the project because it has hidden beauty, such as the old Dai Ninh bridge, hidden temples and charming rivers and mountains. When investing in this resort, what I aim to is to keep the natural beauty, and the artificial part is secondary, this creates excitement for tourists ”. Nguyen Xuan Du shared.

Despite the investment phase, in the past, the Flower Valley has been an address known by many young people, especially tourists from the western and southern provinces. While I am talking to the owner of the Flower Valley about the highlights of the tourist area, we are fascinated by the colors of the flowers here. Mr. Du said, currently, the Flower Valley is planting nearly 20 different species of flowers such as sunflower, daisy, Thea amplexicaulis, rose, forget- me- not, lavender ... to serve the needs of photo-taking of tourists.

If the flower space offers tourists a feeling of relaxation after tiring working hours, the costume space helps young people find excitement when wearing gorgeous dresses to "live virtually". In the afternoon, the sun becomes harsher, however, the Flower Valley Tourist Attraction is still crowded with tourists. Tourist cars still stop at this destination for a visit.
for themselves a Japanese, Korean, Northwest ethnic minority and Central Highlands costumes to record sweet 
From Hanoi to Da Lat, after admiring the beautiful scenery, architectural works and cultural values ​​in the cold land, Phuong Hien came to the Flower Valley with a desire to find wild beauty of this land. “I went to Da Lat to travel for a few days and then heard from friends about this place, so I came down to visit it. In addition to watching the flowers, this place offers a pristine beauty, a bit ancient but very natural. There are temples, the Dai Ninh bridge which has tinted time and charming mountains. A very interesting feeling. ” Phuong Hien said.

Although it has been in operation for a short time, the Flower Valley has somewhat been intriguing and initially impressed tourists. In the near future, with more investment in infrastructure, and types of services such as brocade exhibition, weasel coffee ... this place promises to be a destination to enrich the tourist picture of Duc Trong district and Lam Dong province.

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