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Million Roses

 Da Lat City - the reminiscent of memories of the traveler when mentioned, is called the city of thousands of flowers with a poetic landscape filled with poetry expressing the most difficult emotions when coming here. Somewhere in that city, the "Fairy Persia" space was discovered at "Trieu Doa Hong".

Located at 25 Thi Sach, Ward 6, Da Lat City was built on the inspiration of the old "Persian Perspective" domain. The owner cleverly arranges everything into a small garden to create a unique highlight. Right from the entrance, the name of the "Trieu Hoa Hong" shop is engraved on a small piece of wood as a greeting to tourists, the shop is designed under the cage house - a typical house of Da Lat people to do agriculture nowadays , the walls are covered with pine wood, the low fences are erected to form gardens planted with flowers, mainly roses such as red roses, white roses, yellow roses, ... and perhaps the name "Trieu Hoa Hong" of the shop originated from it.

The main lobby is definitely the most attractive place, for it is designed with a space that carries "Persian" identity, with various hand-crafted motifs and patterns, or colorful carpet with monochromatic pattern hung on the ceiling like a fanciful sky, wooden horses, swings, colorful fabric hammocks, or simply a small road with a wooden bridge with a multitude of roses in the way, ... everything is alive in the small garden space.

The special feature of "Trieu Hoa Hong" is the unique art of making dried flowers, from the hydrangea bunches are dried and hung over the ceiling, to roses, lavender, thatch, ... stained with colorful colors decorated throughout the garden, everything here seems to be tinged with flowers, from planted fresh flowers to hand-made dried flowers, it seems that all kinds of flowers here are preserved by the time.

And above all, this place specializes in serving flower tea, a specialty drink of Dalat city, you will enjoy more than 40 kinds of flower and herb tea, with many good medicinal uses for health. Besides, the shop provides foot bath service and film screening with a resort model among an extremely impressive flower garden. This is a rather new model, which is not widely applied in many places, so if you visit the shop, you must try it.

"Trieu Hoa Hong" is the place for love, for the couple in love with beautiful romantic, quiet, not extravagant moments, the ideal stop for those who love plants and flowers, love the difference and this place will surely be an attractive destination for a trip to Da Lat.

Contact address: 
Triệu Đóa Hồng (Million roses)
25 Thi Sách, Ward 6, Đà Lạt city, Lâm Đồng province
TEL: 0889224813



Address: 36 Trần Phú Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lâm Đồng province
Tel: 02633 510 556  - Fax: 02633 811 656

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