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Love on the Pet Dog Farm

 Located on an open hillside in the outskirts of Da Lat City, the pet dog farm of the couple Le Minh Tri and Le Bao Tram looks like a garden for children full of colors and lively laughter.

When we first met him, Le Minh Tri did impress us by his seasoned appearance. However, through our talk with him, we will recognize behind his rough and irresistible look a kind, delicate soul with an elegant style typical of Dalat boys.

Although he is an architectural draftsman, Tri has a great love for animals, especially dogs. Dogs seem to be his intimate friends, attached to him throughout his childhood. Also because of his love, 7 years ago, he sold everything in his hand to buy an Alaska-origin "guy" and named it Lion. Seeing his love and good and thoughtful care of his pet, the seller decided to give him a”female” Alaskan. From this couple, Tri built an Alaskan family of 20 offspring.

Tri’s parents’ house is located in the city center, therefore raising dogs is very inconvenient. In order not to affect those living around him, Tri decided to take the dogs out of the house, rented a small house in the middle of the garden on Mimoza pass. During the time living alone, quietly on the lonely pass with the puppies, he met the other half of his life, that is, Le Bao Tram, a beautiful, dynamic girl from Dong Nai province, a University student of Ho Chi Minh City’s Social Sciences and Humanities. “When I was still a student, I often travelled to Dalat. Once, a friend of mine asked Tri to lead the group to camp in DanKia - Suoi Vang Lake. When I first met him, I found this guy to be very special. He is active, enthusiastic, cheerful, good humored, volunteering to go ahead and do whatever you want to do, but when you put the food out, he smiled shyly and refused to eat. After asking the reason, we found out that he is a vegetarian. ”-Tram recalled, smiling.

The first moment of their meeting, Tri was also attracted by Tram’s pretty, gentle appearance. They exchanged phone numbers and often communicated with each other. Once she heard that he was sick, although she could not catch a passenger coach, Tram drove a motorbike over 300km from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat just to see and take care of him, this has extremely touched Tri. Although he knows "he was destined to fall in love with her", for a long time he did not dare to ask. As for Tram, despite studying and working in Ho Chi Minh City, but since she met Tri, she has "left her heart behind" in the mountain town and always expected a "love signal" from him.

In 2016, Tri leased a piece of land in the outskirts of Dalat to build a pet dog farm combined with opening a cafe and homestay accommodation. When starting deploying the project, the first person Tri thought of was Tram. He decided to open his mouth and express his wish to have Tram accompany him in his work and his life. "Da Lat is a dream city, with fresh climate, and a slow pace of life, I really like it. But the most important thing is that he lives there. Therefore, I am ready to leave all behind, I am not afraid of hardship, nor poverty. Yes, with you beside me, I will overcome all difficulties and obstacles "- Tram answered.

At the beginning of the construction of the farm, they faced many difficulties and pressures. Both are young with limited finance, so they have to cover many things themselves. From building houses for people, building houses for puppies, then leveling hills, carrying soil for embankment, planting grass, creating small landscapes, and at the same time take care of dozens of dogs. Too hard work makes two people thin and sick. There have been times when Teât comes but they were broke, they could only look at each other with tears in their eyes. Touched by the ir affections and determination of the young couple, the families of both sides also supported and tried their best to help. Gradually the difficulties go away and they began to achieve success. From the original Alaskan dog pair, their dog farm now has more than 50 dogs belonging to 14 dog breeds of Vietnam and the world.

Many tourists visit the farm, witnessing the love of animals of the young couple and therefore give the farm the family’s puppies, helping the "puppy garden" to become more and more abundant and cheerful. On the farm, each dog is provided with adequate nutrition, regularly vaccinated, bathed, cleaned and given the names of such great names as Ben, Potato, Western, Bloom, Sam, Ali ... "Golden is friendly and smart; Akita likes loneliness, always alone; Ben is "handsome" so he always poses different postures, showing off in front of everyone; Corgi is pampered, so he often breaks the law. Although each of them has a personality, all of them are very loyal, friendly, happy like children”- Tri shared, smilingly.
Visiting the farm, guests can enjoy coffee, soft drinks, have fun, take pictures with dogs or can sleep overnight in lovely huts arranged in the garden. The poetical love story, beautiful puppies and an airy space, filled with laughter will be a meaningful spiritual gift, bringing tourists peaceful, fresh and loving moments.

Article, Photos:Vu Dinh Dong


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