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Lavender Farm & Coffee

 When I come to Lam Dong, everyone will immediately think of Da Lat City - a city with many names such as "the foggy city, the city of thousands of flowers or the city of thousand pines", because of the inherent characteristics of it such as flooded with flowers, fog or pine trees, beautiful sights or growing new coffee shops. Along with that trend, a Northern European space was discovered with the name Lavender farm & coffee.

Lavender farm & coffee is a combination of tourism and high-tech agriculture, creating a unique tourism model "capturing" visitors from the cross, as an ideal stopover for sightseeing, relaxation and learning farm techniques. Located in team 20, village 4, Ta Nung commune, Da Lat city, 20km away from Da Lat city center, you can move towards the direction of Ta Nung and opposite Me Linh coffee you will see the sign of Lavender of farm & coffee.

From the main street, along the road leading to the shop are flower gardens, avocado and vast coffee fields... Right at the entrance, each lavender bed swayed in front of the wind with a light scent of flowers, a big blue signboard with white letters "Lavender coffee farm" is standing as an invitation to visitors. With an area of about 11 hectares, the owner cleverly designed the items with violet tones. From the main house which is a coffee shop like a European-style stop, violet windmill looks impressive as a symbol of this place, to flower gardens like a blue queen, lavenders, triangular circuits, hydrangeas and roses are collected of more than 130 varieties from inside and outside the country... Or the Nordic-style tents at the campsite are the highlight for this place.

Special point of Lavender farm & coffee is the garden in the greenhouse, where visitors will learn and see many varieties of flowers, tomatoes, strawberries... and especially must including the giant pumpkin. Here, visitors will be guided by the farmers at the garden to process and manipulate pumpkin, from the stage of selecting seeds, preparing the soil and sowing seeds, the time of the germination until the flowering and fruits forming. In addition, visitors will also be guided how to grow other plants such as tomatoes, strawberries, flowers... to achieve good results.

If you are a dreamer, love violet, love to explore colorful flower gardens, try to be a farmer for a day or simply want to grilled with friends around the campfire at night, get up in the morning and walk around watching the drops of fog settle on petals in the garden, please come and feel the unique beauty of Lavender farm & coffee.

Lavender Farm & Coffee
Address: Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City.
Phone number: 0919 970 827


Address: 36 Trần Phú Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lâm Đồng province
Tel: 02633 510 556  - Fax: 02633 811 656

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